Sunday, May 21, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Eromanga-sensei - Episode 7 - Suddenly Sagiri

Sagiri is making progress. She's talking to other people in her room without blindfolds or masks.

Muramasa sure is angry with Masamune. I suppose we'll find out why later in the episode.

I love Masamune's "whatever" face when Elf figures out a character in his story is based on her.

Muramasa and Masamune's editor Ayame sure knows how to push each of their buttons. She made the conservative Muramasa wear a short skirt sailor uniform!

Muramasa is definitely the "I'll kill you" character of the show. She might even mean it!

Ayame, good job with putting Muramasa in a short skirt!

Muramasa revealed that she only started writing because Masamune ended his battle series, the one that Sagiri also was mad that he ended. She was his number two fan and Sagiri, the number one fan, wasn't going to let her have him. If his new romance story wasn't good, she was going to kill him. Yeah, she meant it this time.

Sheesh. Who hasn't fallen in love with Masamune in this show? I think she's fallen into admiration of him instead of real love, but she got shot down anyway.

Muramsa tries on that sailor uniform in the end card. Will Masamune-kun enjoy that sailor uniform? Who cares? I enjoyed it!

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