Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Sakura Quest - Episode 2 - Riri So Shy

Yoshino met Shiori's friend Riri to ask for her help with chupacabra lore. Riri wasn't so enthusiastic.

Yoshino was ready to sell a 1000 boxes of chupacabra manjuu in a week to get back to Tokyo.

Yoshino needed help to sell all those boxes. How about getting a web designer to spruce up Manoyama's website?

Sanae dresses and acts like a typical IT geek when she's working at home, but at least she cleans up nice. Real nice.

Maki was a famous enough TV actress for the local girls to recognize her. She ended up being very handy for putting together booths, acting like a Ranger stage monster, and bursting into manjuu in a promotional video.

Yoshino didn't even come close to selling 1000 boxes of manjuu in a week, but at least they tasted good.

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