Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Anime Watch List Spring 2017 - Hits, Misses, and Hit or Miss

After the first week of the Spring 2017 anime season, I look at which anime I kept, which I discarded, and which are still on the bubble.


A hit is a show that I will actually watch all the way through without skipping, fast forwarding, or muting. Not only that, I'll look forward to watching it every week too!

P.A. Works definitely does office or work related slice of life well. As long as they stay away from the supernatural, magic, ESP, sci-fi or high school music clubs, I'll be just fine watching what they do. Read Sakura Quest posts.

I wasn't sure if this plastic model girl show was going to be the female version of the lame Busou Shinki. It wasn't! It's more like Nyanko Days with miniature girls instead of talking cats. Read Frame Arms Girls posts.


A miss is a show that is neither visually interesting nor narratively interesting. And if the characters are annoying and their actions make no sense, I'll pull the reject lever even faster.

Wow. This show was terrible and annoying from beginning to end. The main character kid was annoyingly clueless. The big corporation which lost the clockwork doll couldn't be bothered to look for it even when a demolished skyscraper was a big clue for where it fell. And the clockwork doll's shtick of being the most sexually perverted while accusing the pure, pure boy of having a dirty mind got old real quick. Read the sole Clockwork Planet post.

Hit or Miss.

This is weird kind of show where it's visually interesting enough for me to pay attention to how it looks or its characters are drawn, but I can't be bothered to pay attention to what's going on. I scan these shows at double speed to make gifs and screencaps.

This show follows the formulaic magical/ESP high school plot where the main character is talented in "breaking" magic somehow and the title is as long as your arm. At least the main guy is a teacher instead of a student and the girls are dressed like sluts. Read Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records posts.

The high school love farce premise gets two strikes from me, but the girls are sexy and the visual gags are chuckle worthy. Just don't ask me what the deal is with the possessed cat sporting a human face. Read Renai Boukun posts.

Still Evaluating.

Just waiting to see that third episode and whether I like the dragon version of Happy the Cat from Fairy Tail. Read Granblue Fantasy The Animation posts.

These girls might be too precious for me. I feel a toothache coming on from how sweet the girls are and their style of situational comedy. Read Hinako Note posts.

Not the most visually interesting anime, but the fantasy setting is fine and the characters have the right kind of comedic timing for me so far.

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