Thursday, April 13, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Saekano S2 - Episode 1 - Utaha Wall Slams Eriri

The first episode flashes back a year ago to explain why Eriri and Utaha hate each other so much. Well, we already knew it was about Tomoya, but it was related to how they discovered their alter egos.

There was a proper opening credits sequence with a barely readable title screen. Izumi has officially joined the harem now.

The episode started with Utaha and Eriri bickering, as they usually do. Tomoya, the Awful, Thick-Headed Deaf Protagonist, didn't know why they got along so badly, but Megumi already knew.

It all started when Utaha's last book came out and Eriri couldn't talk about how great it was with Tomoya because the beautiful unapproachable 2nd year was spending time with him. They each had their reasons to be drawn to him, but they couldn't talk about it openly because they hid their own otaku sides.

Utaha told Eriri who she was as a light novel author, but Utaha found out for herself who Eriri was after talking with Tomoya and raiding the art club. She found doujinshi circle signature and hit the jackpot of sexy drawings.

There was just a small window of opportunity for Utaha and Eriri to express their mutual admiration in their talents when they admitted their artistic motivations: Revenge against the normies for Eriri and calculation to elicit emotion from Utaha's readers. But then their pride and not wanting to lose to the other for Tomoya's affection bore out and that's where we are today.

Enter normal girl Megumi to upset this delicate détente of respect and rivalry. Tomoya had asked for Eriri's and Utaha's autograph on a drawing of their game's main heroine based on Megumi, out of pure otaku interest. Megumi asked for one out of pure friendship. I saw that little gesture of straightening Eriri's blouse to hide her bra strap. Megumi became the bridge for Utaha and Eriri to get an autograph of each other. Megumi is making a strong first move in the race for Best Girl status this season.

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