Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Granblue Fantasy The Animation - Episode 3 - Vyrn Looking Fluffy to Katalina Too

Gran and Vyrn found out that Katalina likes cute fluffy things. Hey, Vyrn can be cute and fluffy, too... Watch out, Vyrn!

Our main characters had a chance to relax a little while waiting for passage on an airship. Katalina got to relax more than the others as she petted a store cat.

The Empire found out that Katalina and Lyria were on the island, which meant it was a good thing we saw certain things and people who are going to help out later on. Oh, like an ancient dragon named Tiamat and some sexy mysterious magic user.

That mysterious vine lady is going to join the crew. Welp, this show is saved for me.

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