Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Frame Arms Girl - Episode 3 - Ao Catches Baselard Stowaway

Ao got quite the surprise when she found the mischievous Baselard had snuck into her bag to stow away to her school.

If ever there was a plot premise that would prove these plastic girls are supposed to be talking pets, sneaking into school in their master's bag is the one to do it. Not only that, Baselard was shown to be crazy about shiny things, like a cat or parakeet. It was up to Ao's model hobbyist friend Bukiko to capture the elusive Baselard. Gourai and Stiletto needed to be rescued from a crow.

The second half of the episode introduced two more girls to Ao's harem. Materia. That's right, two girls but one name. They're a bit sexily familiar with everyone. Ao couldn't abide one name for the Materia sisters, so she called them Shiro and Kuro (White and Black) respectively.

The Materia sisters' lazy sounding speaking style may hint at a hidden sexual fetish, but they know why they were sent to Ao and they were ready to begin a battle against Gourai.

Materia definitely had great teamwork. Their whip-like weapons showed off their BDSM proclivities. Things looked bad for Team Gourai and Stiletto until Bukiko came by with a new gun she put together. A long charge up sequence meant Gourai was going to one-shot somebody again.

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