Monday, April 10, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Frame Arms Girl - Episode 2 - Gourai Ao Focus

Ao and Gourai, because of their different relative perspectives, obviously have different focuses on any matter as well.

Stiletto suffered a trauma of intimacy after her battle with Gourai and instantly blushed and froze up whenever she got near. Gourai's idea of kissing her on the lips didn't help shock Stiletto out of her freezing. It just added another layer.

I'm pleasantly surprised this show is actually just a slice-of-life with plastic model girls. What other kind of show would have small girls gossiping about Ao as they're supposed to be repairing a Roomba? Gourai also explained a novel form of punishment Ao came up with.

Baselard the Bunny Girl of the bunch is lazy and kind of mischievous, but she's my kind of model girl if enjoys Roomba Rodeo.

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