Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Eromanga-sensei - Episode 2 - Megumi Proposes Cutting Internet

Megumi, the class rep who wants Sagiri to come to class, proposes a drastic plan: cut the internet! Both Izumi siblings are horrified at the idea.

We got a proper opening credit sequence. Sagiri knows how to dance like no one's looking, but only if she keeps wearing her mask.

Megumi is the pushy type who only wants to be Sagiri's friend because she's manipulated everyone else in the class to be her friend already. Knowing Sagiri draws ecchi art might be the leverage she's looking for.

Sagiri's plushy octopus gets quite the workout from her frustrations.

I like Tomoe. Why doesn't Masamune? Oh, right. This is a wincest story...

Yamada, the best-selling author in Masamune's genre, wants to steal Eromanga-sensei away from him. He better sell a better story soon, or the publishing house will agree to her demands.

Sagiri wants to do her own laundry now. I didn't think she heard Masamune say that he can't fall for any cute girl after washing the panties of a much cuter one. At least we get to see more Sagiri dancing.

So, yeah. Sagiri has to wash her own cutesy underwear now.

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