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10 Second Anime - Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation - Episode 15

Koga aims to finish the 1000 km training course. Naruko has goals of his own.

Ride.15 - "Koga's Goal"


It's always nice to get the nakama resolution after a rivalry event ends. Win or lose, the Sohoku guys care about each other. It took getting bested by the extraordinary Ordinary Rider Teshima for Koga to remember that he's supposed to be a good guy. Nice. There aren't supposed to be bad guys on "our" team. Sometimes they can be sneaky, though.

Only after they couldn't move anymore could Teshima and Koga talk to each other like they used to. It was first names again, even Aoyagi beeped his way into the conversation with Kimitaka and Junta. Oh, I guess I should call him Hajime.

They hadn't talked together like that since the Inter High race two years ago. Lots of hard feelings, I suppose, after Teshima tried to convince Koga he didn't have it to be the ace, yet he still gambled and crashed out.

This year's training camp fake villain has been dispatched, so now it's time to prime the nakama power pumps and to build the foundations for the big revelations to be unleashed at the big race.

Naruko is already hinting at plans to get fired up. Onoda and Imaizumi don't want to get burned by whatever he's planning...

Koga was a little too maudlin giving advice like a retiring 3rd year and waving every single death flag he could find.

Ha! One piece of advice he gave to everyone was to get hurt, so he could take their place!

Interestingly, he didn't have any advice for Onoda on his racing instincts. He just let him know that he'll be there with the support crew this year. Maybe that was the thing he thought Onoda most needed to hear.

We know we're getting close to the real race when the opposition accidentally shows up at the training course. Onoda had Manami's ikemen sparkle all over him last year. This year, Komari the masseuse from Kyoto learned first hand that Onoda is more of a monster than Midousuji!

Ha! I love this stuff. Onoda is so bad at the social aspect that he thought Komari was a Sohoku 1st year he didn't recognize. And he kept calling him by the wrong name too.

I'm really looking forward to when Naruko calls "Ahosuji" to Midousuji's face.

The big revelation for Naruko was that he turned himself into an all-rounder good enough to beat Imaizumi first to the 1000 km. He's keeping it to himself, but his real goal is only to beat Midousuji across the line at one of the stages at the Inter High so he can go back to being a sprinter.

Imaizumi wagered being king for a day with Naruko, but he's only going to follow the letter of the rules instead of the spirit. Naruko wanted his water bottle. Imaizumi gave him his water bottle.

It's too bad Midousuji didn't meet anyone, but he still gave his assessment of the Sohoku team. Aoyagi is no good. Teshima is weak. Koga is so-so. He had nothing bad to say about Naruko, so he just called him Rooster Head. He called Imaizumi "Caterpillarzumi." Thanks for letting us know that a big part of the Inter High is going to be Imaizumi cocooning  and then spreading his wings during the big race.

Of course Onoda yelled "Hime!" when he crossed the line. Quicker than last year too.

Rounding out the training camp, Koga gave Onoda tips on crosswinds, which also let us know another key plot point. One more plot point was Kaburagi not realizing that his characteristics favor being a sprinter instead of an all-rounder. I'm sure there's going to be a switch up for when Naruko puts his Zipp wheels back on after beating Midousuji. Make it happen! Something to build on was Danchiku and Sadatoki also finishing the 1000 km within the time limit too.

We're getting down to it. It's almost time for the big race.

Look! A girl! Naruko's not making the mistake of pointing at Miki's bosoms this year. I hope.

Miki won't be the only one cheering Onoda on at the Inter High. Makishima might be coming back to attend the race! Onoda will be so hopped up on nakama fuel, you know he's going to do something craz(ier) than last year!

Still waiting for some actual English speaking accents. Those British lads were complaining about the fast Green Japanese boy. Too bad they sounded like bad Japanese versions of Americans.

Cycling Porn.

This week we saw BMC, Scott, Pinarello, and Merida riding around the course. Touching wheels is no big deal when a pack takes a turn, but it's alright to take it personally when it's just two guys rubbing wheels. Naruko is keeping his Zipp wheels from getting dusty for a reason. You know Koga is going to bring them to the Inter High.

The omake made fun of Kaburagi's nervous stomach. It's already turned into a thing for this show.

Next time, the second Inter High! Let's get it on!

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