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10 Second Anime - sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Episode 2

Lucifer takes Maria and her heart with her. Levi gets jealous at the attention Lucifer gives Maria.

Episode 2 - "Driven Wild by Envy"


We got an official opening credits song, but the sequence is all recycled images from the first episode and even one from this episode. They even had to throw in a stray shot of the missing Demon Lord because we haven't officially seen her yet.

That's Astaroth, the Demon Lord of Melancholy. Tossing her image in like this makes me think they're actually going to keep the credits like this. Meh.


We picked up immediately from the cliffhanger of Lucifer stabbing Maria right through the chest, and then she plucked her heart right out! But Maria wasn't dead and didn't feel pain. Lucifer called it "after service." Maria is now immortal and forever young. Lucifer would need to repeat that over and over as she kept showing Maria her own heart throughout the episode.

Maria might be special because she got some of Lucifer's blood before she fell all the way to Hell and now that Lucifer's a Demon, taking Maria's heart might combine with the first act beyond the regular devil's contract. That contract shouldn't apply to Maria anyway, because those things are supposed to be entered into by her own accord.

Lucifer is pretty tight-lipped about her motivations, but I can gather that she used Maria first to start a plot against the Angels in Heaven and is now adding the Demons to her revenge play because of Belial's curse.

The Demons are still licking some of their wounds too from their encounter with Lucifer.

Did Lucifer's personality change so much after she was cast out? I can't imagine an Angel, even one as proud as Lucifer, sitting with her legs spread out like that up in Heaven.

Astaroth is still missing.

I would like to think Lucifer was purposefully goading Levi into acting on her envious feelings toward Maria, but I don't know. So much of the dialog just sounds like mean girls picking on each other and the shy girl Maria.

Suddenly song and dance! What the...

I liked how Levi's cooking outfit was a nice bra and apron, but still no panties. Staying true to the character!

And she's a good cook, even with all the Hell Spawn ingredients! No need to order room service with her around.

Of course, Lucifer paying attention to Maria, either by design or thoughtlessness, was the last straw for jealous Levi.

Totally pandering to the target audience. Those horny bastards know what a public humiliation doujin looks like.

Always with the tentacles...

Like every good trashy exploitative ecchi anime, those "genre" scenes have a purpose, and that's true in this show. The purpose was to show Maria could somehow oppose or nullify Levi's powers because they're based on the Sin of Envy. It's like Maria's superpower is empathy.

Maria said that "Envy isn't a sin." Well, sure. Technically it's a temptation, but acting on it makes it a Sin. Maybe Maria's superpower is Forgiveness.

In medieval theology, the Heavenly Virtue of Kindness cures or is the opposite of Envy.

So, there's definitely something about Maria (strong like bull reference). Is it empathy? Forgiveness? Lucifer made her feel Lust and all of a sudden they're going to Miami.

Also suddenly, there's a narrative arc where Lucifer is battling Hell before she gets her revenge on Heaven. Maria is the key to her plans. I can see that Maria is probably going to forgive her too, at some point.


With Lucifer somehow taking over the Presidential Suite at a swanky hotel, with an indoor pool no less, there was lots of time spent running around without those totally unnecessary clothes. They're all girls there, right? NSFW exposition, like explaining to Maria three or four times that Lucifer's possession of her heart makes her immortal and forever young, is the best kind of exposition.

It was during the long glorious pool scene that we got to the point of the episode: Levi, the Demon Lord of Envy, can get jealous. Herself. Lucifer is keeping lots of things to herself right now, but it's clear she has a need for Maria. Also, Lucifer as the manifestation of Pride, doesn't feel like explaining her reasons for doing things to her minions.

Lucifer can hide Belial's curse most of the time, but apparently it still affects her. Looks painful.

After the scene in the elevator with Levi, it became clear the Maria has some kind of nullification power against the Sins. Lucifer took advantage of this by arousing Lust in her and Maria saw that they had to go to Miami next. How's it work? We don't know yet, but I give great praise for Seven Mortal Sins in front loading the season with a pool episode and next week a beach episode.

Levi gets her turn for the end card. I'm not sure I like this artist's interpretation of the character because Levi is wearing some kind of skimpy underwear. She's only supposed to be wearing a single Band-Aid! Next time, we'll see whether Levi gets to wear a similar kind of bikini when Lucifer's growing harem visits Asmodeus the Demon Lord of Lust at Miami Beach.

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