Thursday, March 16, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - One Room - Episode 10 - Moka Congratulations

You just got some good news on your writing submission and Moka was right there to congratulate you with pizza, drinks and video games. Why haven't you married this girl yet?

Moka's going to keep jiggling as she handles the game controller until she loses. Your mission: never lose.

There's actual drunk talk from chugging a soda can. Oh, it's not a soda can. It's strawberry shouchuu (like schnapps) with tonic water. Tell me again, why you haven't asked this girl out yet?

Moka didn't want to share her own bad news, but she was rejected at a record label because she wasn't "sexy" enough. You're going to "practice" with her, right?

Moka is beginning to despair about her music career that hasn't started yet. She's going to need you to keep her spirits up.

Oh, so that's what Moka looks like at the park in the daytime. If you kept meeting her there at night, people (like me) might get the wrong idea about what happens there.

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