Monday, March 27, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Gabriel DropOut - OVA 1 [BD] - Vignette's Godly Divine Light

We learned from this OVA who God Believes is the purest Best Girl in the show. As if there were any doubt that Vignette is too Good for this world.

Satania was so eager to get Gab into the hot springs for her stupid plot she hurt Vignette's feelings. Raphiel approved of poor Vignette's pained facial expressions.

The big joke of the half episode was how the censorship rays looked. The Angels had their Divine Light and the devils had their Demonic Shadow. Vignette displayed God's favor with the brightness of her Godly Divine Light. God Decrees that thou shalt not lewd the pure, pure Best Girl.

Satania's plan that was doomed to failure was to set a slime monster on Gab. Of course, it grabbed her first, then Vignette and Raphiel. It passed over Gab, which made her mad enough to banish it with a holy arrow. Good times, good times. Except for Satania.

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