Monday, March 27, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Gabriel DropOut - Episode 12 [END] - Gab the Faillen Angel

Gab successfully thwarted her big sister Zelel's attempt to reform her. It's back to being a lazy "faillen" angel!

Gab was ready to destroy the world just so Zelel wouldn't see her in her slovenly state.

Gab hit upon a plan to shower Big Sister Zelel with affection.

She based this on the stupid idea from her experience in an MMO that nobody can resist the charms of a little sister.

Satania wasn't going to cooperate, until she decided to cooperate because Gab called her an Archdemon. All of these antics did not fool Zelel at all.

Gab was gone for a week and came back like the angelic being she was when she first came to Earth.

Satania remembered those times and how annoying Goodie-Two-Shoes Gab turned out to be. She and her friends needed to change her back!

Ah. Gab was just trying to fool Zelel long enough for her to start ignoring her again. In the end, she was driven away by her fear of dogs. And lazy Gab was still fallen enough that she couldn't use her Divine Unimpeded Passage. Those dudes got to worship her skirt this time.

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