Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Akiba's Trip The Animation - Episode 13 [END] - Manias Performs

A final episode needs a final performance from the in-show idol group. Manias' fans gave our heroes the glow stick power up they needed to save Akihabara!

Tomatsu as a video game nerd was good at finding traps and exits. It didn't mean he had to set off all the traps, though.

Ototoi Friday was supposed to be the elite bodyguard of Metrotica. They were weak and no match for Tomatsu's quick hands.

The big surprise was not that Fukame was Matome's grandma. The big surprise was SHE HOT! Fukame BEST BODY! Sorry Arisa and Chibusa. You guys lost in the final episode.

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