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10 Second Anime - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - Episode 12

Kobayashi remembers in a dream her fateful meeting with Touru the Dragon.

Episode 12 - "Touru and Kobayashi's Impactful Meeting! (We're Raising the Bar on Ourselves)"


It's not the end?

It's not rare for a final episode to show a prologue of sorts to show us how far the characters have progressed in their development and relationships, so I thought we could get the same thing here. We started with scenes of domestic bliss, a callback to Touru's first homemade meal for Kobayashi, a dreaming memory of Touru's and Kobayashi's first meeting (which we've all been curious about) and then a little flashback showing how Touru always seemed ready to make friends with humans.

At this point, we would normally get some funny stirring music to match a moment that points the characters toward a continuing happy and fulfilling life. But it ended with a cliffhanger of a big red dragon coming to visit! Touru's daddy is coming and he doesn't look happy!

So, let's get started with this story still set in the Winter of 2017.

Domestic Bliss.

Yay! Kanna is getting better at using chopsticks. She can handle rice now, but still slowly.

Really, what is the deal with Touru needing Kobayashi to eat her tail? It's been a good running joke, but shouldn't we have gotten a deeper meaning to it by now? There is still that last episode...

Ah. Poor Mr. Chicken.

Everything clean, yoshi! Mr. Chicken, yoshi!

Oh, Touru is already turning Kobayashi's request for rice omelet into an encounter with the school prince. She's going to take that image to 11.

Ha! Lucoa came to visit, like a cat making her rounds or a nosy auntie checking on her niece.

Lucoa thought she covered up for modesty's sake, but everything still looks pretty skin tight to me. Touru suggested changing her body instead of her clothes. No! Don't do that Lucoa!

Touru's dilemma about the rice omelet was that she thinks it tastes normal. Too bad she doesn't know that Kobayashi likes it normal. Lucoa suggested better ingredients. This is anime, so of course things are going to get out of control over what goes into the dish instead of simply changing the spices a little.

A little Lucoa goes a long way.

Off to the market for better ingredients!

And the shoujo school prince filter went to 11.

Touru is still wearing her dragon muffler. She even wore it to the other world to get "ingredients."

Look at that little shopping bag in her dragon mouth!

Kanna came back in time to help. Horns go poof!

They're still going to use Japanese rice and vegetables, though. No chauvinism there...

Speaking of domestic bliss, Shouta and Lucoa showed us what date it is in the show.

Japan marks the start of Spring on February 4th (remarkably close to Groundhog Day, huh?), but on the 3rd they perform the Setsubun. This is the ritual casting out of Winter demons by throwing dried soybeans at them.

Shouta is still so sure that Lucoa is a demon he summoned, he thought casting her out the door actually worked! Aw, he's turned all tsundere for Lucoa now.

When Kobayashi Met Touru.

Oh, man. There was so much sweet beautiful drunk talk!

I liked the PSA on the train before Kobayashi fell asleep advocating for starting a family. "Two is better than one! Three is better than two! Family is great!" Pretty much what happened to Kobayashi in this story.

So, Kobayashi got so drunk on Dragon Slayer sake, she ended up at the end of the line in the mountains somewhere.

First thing to do when you see a dragon is hug its snout, right?

It wasn't any special magic that pulled that God Sword out of Touru's side. It was just plain old drunk strength and agnosticism. I don't think Kobayashi is atheistic, but she prefers a more practical relationship with the gods. Help her with her project deadline and then she'll offer prayers to the god whose sword she pulled out! Maybe the Chaos faction is more interested in Kobayashi, instead of getting back Touru...

Anyway, with that pesky sword gone, Touru could heal herself and then it was time to change into a busty lady ready to get her drunk on!

Work complaints? Not all dragons are lolicons looking for village virgins!

Aw. The maudlin phase of drunk talk turned to both Kobayashi and Touru realizing how lonely they were. They could be lonely together! With Touru as Kobayashi's maid! Yup, it turned into the anime premise pretty quickly after that.

Touru's Tale of the Bandit Maid.

Oh, Kobayashi ended up liking the rice omelet, but she had to complain about the weird ingredients, so Touru still doesn't know how to cook "omurice" for Kobayashi.

Fafnir had his little moment of domestic bliss with Takiya by getting the laundry in before it got wet and leaving a dry towel for him. See? This was all set up for a final episode.

Still fighting over kotatsu space. Touru wanted to change places with Kanna, Kanna said no! This small exchange was pitch perfect. "Kanna?" "No."

Touru's short friendship with a human in the other world showed how she was always a different kind of dragon who didn't want to kill humans.

That bandit lady gave her the whole plot of this show too! Become a maid and fall in love with the Lord of the Manor! I hope they meet again.

Next time, Daddy Dragon arrives. I don't think he's coming to play videogames.

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