Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Akiba's Trip The Animation - Episode 9 - Arisa Opens Card Packs

Akiba's Trip makes fun of cam girls and card battle games this week. Buying packs and packs to find a rare card is just legalized gambling. Like the lottery...

Streaming an unboxing by a cam girl follows a certain protocol. I'm talking about cleavage. Lots of cleavage.

Tomatsu got into the stylized drama of card battle games. So did Arisa, of course.

This week's bugged villain used the diabolic plot of "circle crusher" girls to break up the Akiba vigilantes.

The villain and Tomatsu played a card battle game to do... something. Tomatsu's Pure-Boy deck was stacked against the villain's Lady-Killer deck. The Hidden Breasts Girl had specific attacks against pure-boys, like the see-through blouse and the virgin-killing outfit.

Otaku got worked up watching the game, but to Matome, it looked like a quiet game of nerds laying down cards.

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