Thursday, February 02, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 - Episode 4 - Darkness Feels It

Darkness made her return to the show and the first thing she did was have a pleasurable response to some perceived abuse from Kazuma.

Darkness came back dressed in some fancy duds, so Kazuma's group didn't recognize her at first. Then they thought she had sold her body, doing this and that, to get that nice dress.

Darkness wants Kazuma's help to get out of an arranged marriage meeting, but Kazuma thought he had a better idea.

Kazuma's secret plan is to fail at breaking Darkness' arranged marriage. He knows he can handle Aqua and Darkness, but isn't too sure about Megumin. He quickly pawned her off on Sena to kill some monsters.

The Spoil Darkness' Marriage Meeting Plan (but not really for Kazuma) moved to the Dustiness estate. Lalatina's real name still brings giggles to everyone else. Darkness fills out her dress nicely.

Darkness was angry at Kazuma for ruining her first chance to refuse the marriage proposal. Then she revealed her true masochistic fantasies. It basically boiled down to living with a lazy bitter guy like Kazuma who ordered her to use her fine body to make money for him. Well, Kazuma would never do that... maybe.

I just had to present the audio of Darkness making cute eek sounds when Kazuma used his cold spell to keep her in line.

Darkness lost her patience and challenged her suitor to a match in the training hall. She was surprised to learn that he was going to turn down the marriage offer, but her antics made him interested. He misinterpreted her actions, of course...

Two important things about this whole sparring scene: 1) Darkness was not wearing any panties! and 2) Kazuma's promise of "something crazy" to break Darkness fighting spirit served to show that SHE WASN'T WEARING ANY PANTIES!

While Darkness recovered from too much anticipation over Kazuma's "something crazy," both her father and her suitor realized that Kazuma will have to take responsibility for her, for the time being. But then Darkness woke up and ruined the nice resolution by thinking she still had to break the arranged marriage and claimed she was carrying Kazuma's child. Lord Dustiness liked that idea!

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