Saturday, February 25, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Demi-chan wa Kataritai - Episode 8 - Hikari Wants a Hug

Hikari got bad grades on her midterms, but wanted reassurance from Takahashi he still liked her. I think he found a way to motivate her to do better.

Hikari was very proud her younger sister was near the top of the rankings, but the big revelation, besides Hikari needing to get back Takahashi's favor, was that Kyouko was so smart.

The other fun thing we found out this week was how Yuki loves manga, but is trying to keep it a secret. There's lots of demi-chan manga out there now, so Sakie wondered if Yuki ever got teased about it. Sakie got teased once, one time, in school about being a succubus. She had her own way of dealing with creeps like that.

Hikari tried studying. Kyouko helped.

Hikari held a contest to see who among her friends had the best "nibble factor." Yuki won because she was "like ice cream." Takahashi's musing out-loud that Sakie might taste the best for a vampire got him in a lot of trouble. Also, Hikari should never say in public that Takahashi's arm hair would get stuck in her teeth. She doesn't like his muscular arms, but Sakie and Kyouko do. No word on Yuki, yet.

Sakie likes to munch on potato chips while reading manga, not muscular arms. She may make an exception for Takahashi, though.

Hikari has a strange celebration dance for passing her proficiency tests.

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