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10 Second Anime - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - Episode 5

Touru visits Kobayashi at work. Fafnir moves to this world. Touru and Kanna learn ESP.

Episode 5 - "Touru's Real World Lessons (She Thinks She Understands It Already)"


This episode was much more slice of life than the world building and character development plots of the previous episodes. There were two moments where the story attempted to capture the deep emotions of Kanna going to school and choosing to live with humans, but nothing can beat the wistfulness of growing up. Fafnir trying to understand Touru's decision to stay with Kobayashi has been hashed over many times already. And the moment where Touru feels conflicted over learning things that only humans can do but Kobayashi advises her to focus on what she can do addresses the divide between dragons and humans, but we've seen that before too. It just shows that even though Kobayashi and the dragons have formed their own little family, there's still room for learning and acceptance.

The other story wending its way through the episode was Riko and Kanna's growing friendship.

There's still a huge imbalance of affection, apparently.

Touru and Daytime Television.

Aw. Kanna is still learning how to use chopsticks.

The dragon family has settled into a morning routine, but this leaves Touru all alone at home during the day.

Touru deals with naughty birds a bit differently than other people do.

Japanese daytime television looks just as bad as American daytime programming.

Ha! She's still trying to find ways for Kobayashi to eat her tail.

Man, this kabedon (wall-slam) is getting out of hand. Also, I got a kick out of Touru slightly misinterpreting it and breaking the coffee table. Plus, her fantasy self is blushing so hard her ears turned red.

Touru Visits Kobayashi's Office.

A bored Touru goes on a spy mission field trip.

I believe Kobayashi is writing in Python.

Har. Touru thinks she has 48 "Maid Skills." They're just her dragon magic!

Touru made some mad faces at Takiya.

Kobayashi couldn't see Touru, but after that abusive boss tripped, she had an inkling she was there.

Fafnir the Wild Mountain Monster.

When Touru first saw Fafnir, his hands were playing with an imaginary videogame controller! Of course he was going to end up living with Takiya.

Fafnir's discussions with Touru added some hints about their world that she escaped. There's an intractable war between humans and dragons, so could she kill them again after living in peace with them for so long? War always forces each side to dehumanize the other, which is pretty easy for dragons and people I suppose, but living together focuses beings on their similarities instead of their differences.

That's a nice big shiny rock there, Fafnir. Find a pawn shop already.

Takiya really is an otaku. Look at all the posters and Amazon boxes!

Kanna and Touru Learn ESP.

This scene was a great excuse for comedy and to try to pin a gooey emotional message of accepting who you are on it. Dragons can't do ESP, Touru! Duh!

Bending spoons makes Kobayashi a god! Kanna actually called her "Kobayashi-God" in English. Heh.

Blargh. Touru brought out that 10% use of the brain canard. Human brains are about 10% neurons by weight with the other 90% being the support glial cells. Humans can't "use" more than 10% of their brains because glial cells don't affect the electrochemical reactions between synapse other than to make sure the neurons have enough blood and are well insulated from heat and cold.

A dragon may not be able to do ESP, Kanna's electricity notwithstanding, but Touru can do magic!

Kanna can also make Riko eat sweet and sour vegetables with pineapples. That's magic of a sort.

The magic of friendship!

Next time, we may get to see where Lucoa lives. And when do we get to see that fifth dragon?

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