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10 Second Anime - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - Episode 7

The dragons go to the beach and do other Summer things. The grownup dragons go to Comiket.

Episode 7 - "Summer Staples! (Frankly, it's the Fanservice Episode)"


The beach means skimpy swimsuits and Comiket means pandering to anime otaku with cosplay and doujins, so yeah, it's the fanservice episode. No doubt about it.

The Beach Episode!

Sure, we want to see the cute dragons Touru and Kanna in their cute swimsuits, but the priority is Lucoa! Let's see what that not-a-succubus is going to wear!

These family beaches apparently have a morals committee... Pay attention to that lady in the hat. You'll see her again.

Honestly, Lucoa just standing around is just too sexy, so anything she put on would need her to get covered up.

I don't get Shouta. He's going to end up as one of these "flat is justice!" people because he got spoiled by Lucoa's bounty? Inconceivable!

Ha! The dragons want to play, especially Kanna, but it turns out both masters Kobayashi and Shouta are "indoor" people.

Well, what kind of fun can these indoor masters have in the shade? Fufufu.

Uh oh. It looks like that was too much fun for Shouta...

At least the dragons can play out in the sun since their clothes are their scales and they don't need sunscreen.

Touru went back to giggling about humans being inferior species...

Shouta was dragged along because Kobayashi's manager asked her to watch over him during her vacation which coincided with Shouta's Summer break. This mage family must know what's up with all these dragons wandering around.

We're getting lots of hints about who is the last dragon yet to appear. Touru worried about meeting Leviathan out in the ocean. She encountered him after mistaking him for Rahab from behind once. Rahab is an Egyptian water dragon the Israelites associated with the Red Sea.

It was during all this play that Touru and Kobayashi addressed another issue of families: generational divides. Touru knows her father would not approve of living with humans. She also wonders how someone who was raised normally like Kobayashi would be so open to accepting dragons. I think drunk Kobayashi only cared to talk about maids with anyone she bumped into, even a huge dragon with a sword in her side.

Kobayashi did offer some wisdom about growing up: "Most people don't try to become adults. They just can't stay children any longer." For Kobayashi and Takiya, this is definitely true, since in Japan, their current hobbies are things that people are supposed to outgrow. This is a nice tie-in to the Comiket experience in the second half.

Touru got a real kick out of Kobayashi asking to ride her dragon form. Highlight of the episode!

That's a much different ride than being associated with Kobayashi's "loyal sex slave."

Summer Staples.

It's Summer time, so the anime had to adapt some of the fun scenes from the manga. Like comparing "dragon" fireworks to actual dragon fireworks. Or Kanna doing grade school Summer homework.

Her eyes lit up soooo big when she saw that she need to go bug hunting! She had a taste for the crab at the beach, decided to let Kobayashi use a shrimp for bait, but had a fun time eating butterflies and cicadas. Grasshoppers are "moist," Butterflies are "flaky," while cicadas are "crunchy." I don't think that's what the homework assignment was supposed to cover...

Kanna seems to have a thing for arthropods. Mammals aren't on her chomping list, which is a good thing for that dog at the beach and for Kobayashi.


The kiddies couldn't come to Comiket, for obvious reasons.

Fafnir's doujin was all about curses and had a treasure chest on the cover. That pretty much covers all we need to know about the cursed Fafnir from Norse mythology.

Takiya's title he was selling was about a Water Dragon. Hmmmm.

Hoho. Touru saw all those people and instantly wanted to lay waste to them.

I think Touru finally was happy to see Takiya for once when he came by with that water bottle.

Nice callback to Lucoa's inherent indecency. This lady in the hat found her niche and obviously excels at expelling underdressed sexy dragon ladies. Lucoa must keep her busy...

What was Lucoa supposed to be cosplaying, anyway? And why was she there without telling the others? Spreading learning and understanding as the Goddess Quetzalcoatl?

Apparently, there are lots of people from Touru's world impersonating humans and Comiket cosplaying lets them relax.

Sahuagin are fish people from Dungeons & Dragons.

Also, Fafnir and Lucoa have been coming to our world for eons, and their exploits have turned into the myths and sagas we know about them as Fafnir and Quetzalcoatl. Touru hasn't left a mark yet, except for you otaku viewers, that is.

Touru is very defensive about eating people...

What's so special about Comiket? People are excited to experience the things that can only be found there. Wow, just like Earth and Touru's very special Kobayashi. That's the sentimental theme for this part of the episode.

Next time, we get to meet the last Dragon Lady!

Elma (Erma?) is this water dragon's name. I'm very curious about her mythology and how her name got turned around from the original.

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