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10 Second Anime - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - Episode 6

Kanna visits Riko's house. Touru visits Lucoa's house. Fafnir and Takiya get along.

Episode 6 - "Home Visit! (And Homes Not Visited)"


We're getting more of a slice-of-life feel to the show as the dragons freeload, er, move in with friendly humans. The focus on deep relationships this episode was Fafnir making a real friendship with Takiya. However, the highlights for comedy are Riko of the shiny forehead going gaga over Kanna and Lucoa hitting all the shoutacon notes with her living arrangement.

I figured Riko's lovey-dovey freaking out would carry all the comedy at her home visit, but I was delightfully surprised with Kobayashi getting her maid freak on with Riko's live-in "maid."

Georgie the Maid.

Kanna splashing around in her new cute red boots was pretty good foreshadowing for how much she was going to like rain.

Riko sold the idea of a home visit by inviting the family units of maid and guardian because her house has a maid too.

Touru's jealous nature gave her competitive tension before she entered the house.

Touru didn't mind all the maid talk as long as Kobayashi was dragging her around.

I figured something was slightly off about this maid arrangement when Georgie slammed her door closed and the name tag matched Riko's door. Georgie was just another maid otaku like Kobayashi and is Riko's older sister. The difference in what kind of "maid maniac" she is compared to Kobayashi is that Georgie likes to cosplay while Kobayashi likes to be the consumer or master. Since this show is geared toward otaku too, it's nice to see those nuanced gradations made plain.

Kanna Too Much For Riko's Heart.

The way little girls form friendships often just starts because they think the other girl is cute and they want to be close to the cuteness. It's not sexual at this age; it's just like wanting to hug a doll or a stuffed animal. Kanna evidently rings Riko's cuteness bell. A lot.

Twister may have been too much for Riko at this early phase in their exclusive friendship.

Kanna's idea of a fun videogame is that racing game she and Touru played already.

How exclusive does Riko want to keep Kanna? She wants to marry her! Calm down lolicons.

But what was Kanna going to do to Riko after she pushed her down on the floor? This show is going to leave it as a mystery. Too bad Touru had to interpret them because she couldn't take all the maid otaku talk between Georgie and Kobayashi.

Lucoa the Demon Impersonating Shoutacon Freeloader.

Come on. Come on, now. The kid's name is Shouta. Really. This show really knows how to hook into the doujin market for inspiration.

There's a lot of interlopers from other worlds in this one. Shouta comes from a family of mages who might be returning to their own world in the future. His father just happens to the CEO of Kobayashi's software development company. Could this be related to how Kobayashi somehow removed Touru's sword from her side in her drunken state? This is another event this show is keeping close to its vest.

Shouta's parents are pretty laid back. I'm sure they know Lucoa is not a demon, but they're letting Shouta figure things out on his own as a good mage should.

Lucoa is such a nice dragon lady. She hijacked Shouta's summoning spell so a mean demon wouldn't take advantage of him. Too bad she can't convince him that she's not a succubus. He's just relying on what his eyes tell him.

So, Lucoa chose to dress in that red hat and booty shorts. Make Mesoamerica Great Again!

Lucoa expanded a bit on her "fallen goddess" status, which takes off from some of Quetzalcoatl's mythology. She's still super embarrassed about drinking cursed liquor and doing "something" with her sister. I wonder if Kanna knows what this "something" is and wants to do "that" with Riko...

All these dragons are freeloaders, whether they want to admit it or not. Touru isn't all that as a maid, apparently. Lucoa wants to feel useful instead of impersonating a succubus with her own room, but Shouta doesn't want anything she can give him as an all-powerful dragon. She'll just have to repay him with her body. Wait, isn't that what a succubus would do?

Fafnir Finds a Hit.

The episode referenced a little bit more about Fafnir, the cursed dragon. Leave it to the writers to make him the gooey center this week.

Ha! Using a videogame to decide who does the dishes!

Fafnir's hording sensibilities fits nicely with the otaku lifestyle. He'll even learn an idol fan's dance moves to get a limited edition item.

He's not telling Takiya "I'll kill you!" all the time, but Fafnir saves that for in-game chats.

They made a pretty good team as game dev and tester.

Fafnir's aphorism about hits and misses, "The misses make themselves known quickly, but it takes time to know if you've found a hit," is good relationship advice in general, not just for becoming buddies or starting a bromance.

Kanna Likes the Rain.

Let's remember why we're here each week, though. Fafnir and Takiya's amicable odd couple routine is nice to see develop, but we're here to see cute dragons do cute things.  Hmm, that's a little too specific to this show.

I just hope Kanna didn't eat that snail...

Anyway, Kanna loves her little red boots, which makes her love the rain. In my mind, this is tied to Touru's ability to change the weather. Kanna's repetition that she likes the rain is a metaphor for liking the world as she finds it and not needing to change it to her preferences like Touru.

For Touru, she got to share a snuggle under Kobayashi's umbrella because she didn't blast the sky. Sometimes appreciating things as they are leads to even more blessings.

Next time, get ready for the spectacular Dragon Beach Episode!

Lucoa is in no danger of drowning anytime soon.

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