Sunday, January 22, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Shokugeki no Soma - OVA 2 - Ikumi Strawberry Milk Foodgasm

It took a long time for this OVA to come out, but we immediately saw the quality of foodgasms from the first season compared to the season two. Ikumi foodgasms are the best!

On a day where Erina had nothing to do, Alice took her to the public pool and hijinks around girl talk and eating ice cream ensued.

The girls of the Polar Dormitory got overheated working in the kitchen, so they tried cooling off in a wading pool. It didn't work.

A shaved ice eating contest with the Polar Dorm dudes by the lake with barbecue afterwards cooled the girls down along with more of Souma's friends. It was a nice rest day between matches of the Autumn Elections.

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