Monday, January 09, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Demi-chan wa Kataritai - Episode 1 - Hikari Vampire Bites Yuki Snow Woman

Hikari only fantasizes about biting Yuki because she's sure a snow woman's blood would keep a vampire cool from direct sunlight.

First Thoughts.

What if YuruYuri was mashed up with Monster Musume? Half-monster girls sitting around talking to each other sounds about right for slice of life comedy. That's pretty much what the title translates into anyway, "I want to talk to half-monster girls." Making a good first impression was the vampire girl Hikari. She's a constant source of funny facial reactions with a positive attitude.

Aw. Yuki the snow woman was left out of the cultural references.

Takahashi-sensei has a habit of startling our half-monster girls. I'd like to see Sakie-sensei lose control to her succubus urges.

Hikari has a twin sister who is not a vampire named Himari. Hikari means "light" and Himari can mean "sunshine." Takahashi-sensei was not surprised at their parents' naming sense.

Hikari has a big personality and I'm sure her charm is going to drive the interactions for most of the season.

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