Sunday, January 01, 2017

10 Second Anime - Long Riders! - Episode 10

The girls help Ami finish her ride before the cut-off.

Episode 10 - "Azumi Autumn Ride! Back Part"


Not much time for eating when you got to beat the clock.

This show dramatized the cut-off time a bit. You can still finish outside, but you won't be eligible for raffle prizes, official pictures or that snazzy certificate Ami got.

Japanese girls sure do know how to pose for the cameras...

Hey! That certificate says Ami completed the full course, but there's nothing written down next to the "Distance" place.

I wasn't going to talk about the uneven animation anymore, but they pulled some real doozies in this episode. The girls weren't even pedaling anymore. They looked like cardboard cutouts being shaken in front of a moving background. Ah well.

This green riding girl is always passing people. She's in the opening credits. She passed Ami when she was training on her river path. And she even passed Emi, Ami's little sister.

We won't be seeing the last two episodes until February, so I'll put coverage on hold. At the very least, we got some kind of concluding feeling from Ami fixing Emi's flat. Ami has grown more reliable from riding a bike, even though she's still a clutz and whines about being sore all the time.

Cycling Porn.

The first half of the episode put on a pace line clinic, Hinako wears Bontrager road shoes, Saki rocks the Dura-Ace cranks and Ami showed Emi how to patch an inner tube.

I was a bit confused by Hinako's hand signals. She motioned with her right hand for Yayoi to take her turn at the front, but then she peeled off in the same direction. Usually, that hand signal also indicates which line the rider coming from behind should take.

We saw Ami change a flat out on the road by replacing the inner tube, but for Emi's flat, she found the puncture (by the water bubble trick) and applied a patch kit. The reason for that is that road bikes have quick release skewers while regular bikes have a huge lug nut that you need a huge wrench for. If you can't take the tire out of the dropout, then you can't take the inner tube out either. There's a reason road tires cost almost as much as road bike frames. In addition to the construction and materials, there are also the luxury features such as spring-loaded skewers and high quality hubs.

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