Friday, December 30, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Keijo!!!!!!!! - Episode 12 [END] - Nozomi Mk 2

Nozomi had a transformation scene to match Maya-Kaya too.

Kaya, the hidden personality in Maya, is a true Keijo monster. She only comes out when Maya starts crying. Then she makes other people cry.

Hanabi's Boob Spirit also works on other people. She transformed Nozomi into a monster who could go toe-to-toe, or tit-to-tit with that other monster Kaya.

Kaya wasn't impressed with Nozomi Mk 2, until Nozomi started the smackdown and asking for Maya to come back.

Maya came back ready to match up against Nozomi under her own power.

Nozomi figured out the true secret of her Vacuum Butt Cannon: that she can release its power when and where she wants, even a nipple piercing through her suit!

Nozomi celebrated her victory and the greatness of Keijo!!!!!!!!

The girls graduated their training school and are all setting out to different leagues. Mio made Usagi a little jealous by getting a goodbye kiss out of Nozomi.

I don't even know what that mascot is supposed to be. A boob-butt combination? Saya appears to be puzzled too.

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