Friday, December 30, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Keijo!!!!!!!! - Episode 11 - Rin Catches Top

Rin retrieved her top after using it to make a distraction. It worked on her opponent, but it worked differently than she intended on me!

Hikari has much more than card tricks up her butt crack!

Maya and Nozomi made sure they were the only ones facing off against each other.

Midori's last name means "to protect." Her butt looks like its taken plenty of punishment.

Nozomi may not have Kazane's right hand, but she does have a sensitive nose for butt-sniffing.

Hah! The English subs called Tae's technique "Buttack on Titan." I approve!

Maya's releasing of internal pressure also applied to her breasts, not just out her butt. No Gas-X involved...

That is highly reflective oil on Hikari's chest, not whatever you were just thinking it was. Pervert.

As you saw above, Rin tossed her bikini top in the air to block Hikari's reflective boobs.

Hikari and Midori combined swimsuit bottoms for the ultimate offense-defense combo. Gattai!

We didn't see too much of Saya's quick draw boob slash. What little we did see was spectacular!

Hikari, defeated. She won't need those magic tricks anymore for this race.

Nozomi pushed Maya to her limit, so much so that her split personality came out! Maya was known as Suruga's 2nd best Keijo. Now we know who their best is.

It's almost the end of the season, so I better make sure I capture the whole point of this show: Girls wanting to wear cute swimsuits!

Maya and her split personality featured in this week's end card.

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