Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - DanMachi - OVA [BD] - Hestia Has Questions

Lady Hestia wonders how a dungeon crawl could have turned into such a spectacle. Me too!

The OVA started with a confusing flashforward after a quick recap of the season finale last year. Why are all our favorite characters relaxing in a Japanese style onsen?

The actual timeline picks up with the different familia walking back through the dungeon. Hestia grows frustrated that she's not the only one making a fuss over Bell's heroic actions. She inadvertently found a whole new tunnel. She is a goddess, after all.

Mikoto, a proper Japanese samurai girl, quickly recognized the scent and sound of a hot spring surrounded by a bamboo thicket. Paradise! Hermes also approved, only to be rebuffed by the girls.

In a nice (niiiizzze) flashback, the girls recalled to the audience their mistrust of Hermes and how they can't risk being naked in water near a bunch of guys.

Ryuu pointed out things would be fine if they could remain covered up, but where could they get a change of clothes? Hermes and Asfi had the solution.

Well, in Hestia's case, almost a solution. Also, is this a true thing where samurai girls wear taped on underwear?

While the other girls had no trouble getting into the suits Hermes picked out for them, somehow knowing their three-sizes, Hestia strained and struggled. Perhaps that was Hermes' plan as well.

Welf thought he was getting special access to hanging out with the girls, but Asfi and Mikoto just rightly knew that a blacksmith can also be a tailor with the right materials. Hestia thought he did a great job with some extra leaves and shiny rocks.

Ah. Everyone loves an onsen montage. There was even something for the ladies.

Before everyone even got in the hot springs, Mikoto made sure they followed proper protocol before using it. But then the girls had their own plans for their men. Ouka needed extra healing from the hot spring's source and Hestia needed to get Bell all alone to herself.

Hestia's plan for some alone time with Bell didn't work out and Welf was getting crazy distracted by Ryuu's bloomers.

The onsen trap got sprung and it started out with clothes getting melted by the water!

The Little Rookie saved the day, but the girls found out maybe he wasn't so "little" after all.

Welf's bloomer obsession made for a fine bas-relief of Hephaestos.

Meanwhile, Aiz kept sneezing because Hestia kept jealously thinking about her. She must take a lot of baths or the dungeon party stayed in that onsen a long time. Notice how Aiz has a different hairstyle each time too.

That was a fun OVA and makes me wish for a second season real soon!

The end credits had the girls with their favorite hug pillows. Mikoto loves her onsens!

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