Saturday, November 26, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Brave Witches - Episode 7 - Nipa Kanno Fall Through

In a very Christmassy episode, it only makes sense to have an icy accident on a frozen lake.

The three main girls took turns pushing a sled around the frozen lake, but it wasn't totally frozen over. Swedish girl Nipa should have warned the others.

With supplies running low during their protracted battle with an enemy nest, Nipa worried the Witches wouldn't have their annual Winter Festival.

The girls came up with a plan to improvise certain key elements of a successful festival, but there were setbacks.

Waltrud and Rossmann found some good wild mushrooms for the celebration meal, but they turned out to be "too good."

An invading enemy almost ruined their plans, but a couple of "Santas" from the 501st came bearing gifts. Santa Eila was pretty cute.

Gundula popped the champagne cork on a successful mission to put on a party.

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