Monday, October 10, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Show By Rock!! S2 - Episode 2 - Plasmagica Music Together

Cyan just made it back and it's like she never left Plasmagica with how well she and the other girls played music together again.

We got the Opening Credits this week and it looks like the girls are having lots of fun.

Especially Cyan. She can't help dancing!

I would like to see this bikini obstacle course in much more detail...

Oh drama! Cyan just got back and now Moa has to leave back to her planet.

I'm sensing a trend here. Each of the girls appear related to a couple who fit Maple's and Angelica's body type. King Hapi the 17th sure got along with Maple.

Moa really was a princess!

Moa's home planet didn't know the power of rock music. She showed them.

Angelica in a form fitting spacesuit? Angelica in a form fitting spacesuit!

Queen Meri the mother of Moa shows where her daughter got her cute mannerisms.

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