Thursday, October 27, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Keijo!!!!!!!! - Episode 4 - Sayaka Rin Double Butt Gatling

Sayaka's extra training prepared her for a special fight for fastest butt in the West.

Sayaka's battle with Rin was the set piece of the episode. We got to see Sayaka's special Wedgie Accelerate with her charged up butt. Plus the difficult de-wedgie aftermath.

Non's super soft butt helped her overpower the steel butt of her opponent.

Room 309 gave Kazane encouragement for her match with the Number One ranked Mio.

It turned out that Mio's special move was her hypnotic breasts. I was hypnotized too!

Kazane's turn with the End Card has been my favorite so far.

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