Friday, October 21, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Keijo!!!!!!!! - Episode 3 - Nozomi Holds Onto Non

Nozomi's accidental Vacuum Butt Cannon left her weak and quivering from the hips down.

Kazane showed her massage skills this episode and so did Hanabi, but Kazane magic hands also collect data on the other girls' hips and butts.

Non looks like she's going to be the groping target for the more aggressive girls like Rin. She's got such a gentle nature and the largest boobs, so who could resist?

Because Nozomi insisted on using her natural talent for the Vacuum Butt Cannon, Ujibe-sensei forced her to wear a special training suit to make sure she didn't end her career early from chronic injuries. Ujibe looked like she had lots of experience with those hip whip injuries.

Sayaka had her own training focus when she formed a one-sided rivalry with Rin, the self-proclaimed fastest butt. Sayaka figured her hip thrusts would be faster if she wore less material down there. Break out the G-strings and French-cut bottoms!

It's Non's turn for the end card. Will Kazane get her turn next week?

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