Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Finds from the Grind - Scenes from the Climb to Camp Williams

Some things I saw on the way to Camp Williams on East Fork Rd. on Oct. 1st. My last big ride of the year before I enter maintenance mode for the off season was climbing up Glendora Mountain Road from East Fork Road. I'd never climbed that section, but I'd gone down it many times. Hell, I even crashed down it once, cracked my helmet in two places and separated my shoulder, but still rode 30 miles home.

To get to that climb means an earlier climb: 16 miles up the Azusa 39 to Camp Williams on East Fork. There were some fun sights along the way, like seeing a whole bunch of water in the gulch for some reason, some roller skaters dressed in roller derby uniforms and extreme runners all over the roads next to the reservoirs. That was a first for me. I've climbed San Gabriel Canyon Road many times, but I'd only seen hikers or walkers on it a couple of times. This day, there must have been a running club doing some training because I saw about 30 people running up and down the 11 mile climb to the East Fork bridge.

Very interesting. But not as interesting as this Halloween themed yellow spider car complete with a stuffed Pikachu.


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