Sunday, September 18, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Love Live! Sunshine!! - Episode 12 - Bad News Good News

The Aqours girls thought they had bad news about advancing in Love Live, but they just needed to scroll down.

It isn't exactly like hitting F5 on a PC, but waiting for a website to change on a smartphone is still excruciating.

Yohane's candlelit ritual was thwarted by a passing cargo van.

Mari Oh My God! She can't believe they made it to the next round.

I just needed to let you hear her full throated "Oh My God!"

Some of the Aqours girls became internet famous, like You and Ruby.

Dia had tougher luck getting attention.

It took us all the way to the penultimate episode to show Kanan in the bikini that was all over the promotional art from last year. Yes, it was glorious!

Chika tempted fate with a brain freeze from eating her flavored ice so fast. She did not escape.

Chika wanted to come to Tokyo to gather more inspiration from the µ's experience, but Riko realized she needed to get rid of some embarrassing evidence of her stay there during her piano recital. Wall bangs and chin pulls magazines...

Dia warned against the dangers of Tokyo. She wasn't with Aqours last time to make the start of this joke.

A young Dia got lost at a train station and was traumatized.

Riko would have met the other girls sooner, but she was busy hiding the evidence, er, stashing her gifts. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I had to include the audio for Riko's panicked scream!

Riko's going to leave a mark holding onto Chika's face so tightly.

Riko left a mark... Chika's spirit animal is a tanuki or raccoon. I'll go with tanuki.

Ruby and Dia got excited at the suggestion to visit µ's' high school. Which was also Riko's high school before she transferred.

Yoshiko needed Hanamaru's protection from the Otonokizaka idol ghost. Or whoever she was.

Time traveling baby Honoka flashed the Vee sign. Well, it's not her, because of the different color eyes, but close enough.

Aqours thanked µ's for their inspiration, but they realized they have to go their own way to rescue their school.

Kanan should know "this and that" will happen when she sits next to Mari. Also, Kanan is wearing a pretty aggressive underwire.

You comes up with the costumes and the original Aqours motivational jump. Zero to one!

Aqours decided to forge their own path to save their school instead of following µ's. Now Aqours shines even brighter.

This was the moment Chika spread her wings.

It's one more week until the final episode, so now should be a good time enjoy the funny photo stickers the girls made for the End Credits.

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