Thursday, September 15, 2016

Finds from the Grind - Red Box Descent to Clear Creek

The 4 mile descent to Clear Creek from Red Box on Angeles Crest Hwy. This is the companion video to the climbing half on August 6th. As you can see when I pull out from the parking lot, there is indeed a red box. Also, the "descent" is more like 5 miles to Clear Creek, but the last mile is a 3% grade climb.

I have always cramped my groin muscles in both legs after a long descent like this, and I've found the only way to stop my legs from seizing up is to just pedal faster with a shorter stroke so those big muscles groups don't get a chance to contract all the way. This is sacrificing heart rate and rhythm to avoid pain. Actually, that's basically all endurance sports anyway, just pain management over the course of many hours.

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