Sunday, September 18, 2016

Finds from the Grind - Not Going My Way

Here's just a few moments where people or things did not go my way on my river trails ride on August 13th. Some things happen on a ride that just make me shake my head. A not uncommon occurrence is a driver turning left at an intersection right in front of you because they can't judge your speed correctly. Another is a dude with headphones not expecting traffic on a two lane bike path. Or newbs blocking bike path access because they're not used to the idea that standing on a bike is different than just standing around. You've got to remember that you're an animal with a tail that will knock stuff over behind you, or block a gate.

Other things not going my way are because they're going their own way. Like ravens flying away from a large land mammal only to pick the same direction as said large land mammal. I had a similar experience with a red tail hawk on top of the Santa Fe Dam where the little dude thought he was cresting a hill only to fly alongside a rolling human for about a hundred yards. These ravens were pretty annoyed, not like the relaxed raptor at all. Finally, that film shoot was on that block for over a week. They were filming exterior scenes and even used another house two doors down. It was a real neighborhood scene, which is something you don't see on location very often.

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