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10 Second Anime - Masou Gakuen HxH - Episode 12 [END]

Aine confronts her past and Zelshione in the final battle for Tokyo. Season finale.

Episode 12 - "Aine -AINES-"


The Batlanteans should have sent Zelshione to Earth much sooner. I don't know how long Kizuna has been in charge of Amaterasu, but if this one woman wrecking crew had been sent to fight these guys before they developed the Love Room, this show would have been over much sooner. Oh well. Hubris and evil villain invaders in these kinds of shows are always tied together.

I was hoping that she would get some scandalous battle damage, but all I saw was her necktie get a little loose.

She calls her power Heart Rebuild, perhaps referring to the guilt ridden delusions she puts her targets under.

I'm confused. Not about what's happening to these girls caught in an induced nightmare, but about what Scarlet saw last week with her naked compatriots. They weren't naked this week, so maybe we saw what was in Scarlet's nightmare? Zelshione does have the power to forcibly break magitech armor, but the American Masters aren't going commando with their hybrid gear. So, dunno.

At least we saw Kizuna actually do some fighting instead of being the bard or healer type of the party.

One thing they clarified is that Kizuna gets charged up too when he McFluffs so that he can use the Hybrid characteristics of the girls.

He needs more combat training though. Just yelling and punching is no good. Although, that's common for the main characters of the ecchi harem fighting shows. Zelshione punished him for his lack of foresight.

Ha! He punched her right in the face! Zelshione never felt that before and from a MAN!

Also, they finally gave Kizuna his own magical girl transformation scene. Did not need to see butt tightening armored tights...

But this story is all about Aine, so after she got put out of commission, she had to finish her narrative arc to rescue Kizuna. That's the rules.

Side note: the censored version of this Mrs. Robinson moment was much less detailed in the crotchal area.

I think Zelshione was able to freeze Kizuna because he had activated a different Hybrid core that wasn't his own.

Before we got to Aine, though, Kizuna and his haremettes figured out how to send his recharging energy the other way. So when he ran out, the girls broke through their guilt-ridden nightmares and let him become Super McFluffer.

Interestingly enough, we didn't see what Sylvia was angsty about.

Also, these visuals of the dream breaking is the visual reference for the same effect in the Opening Credits.

I love it. Taros Mode for Kizuna is a huge mallet.

He called all this fast switching Amaterasu Mode.

Zelshione calls her Hybrid Gear Teros.

Ah. Aine finally remembered little Kizuna from back in her lab days, which gave her courage to reclaim her memories.

Zelshione had never seen her techniques broken before and four times in this sequence. Kizuna protected Aine one more time before she finally reawakened.

This was more than Climax Hybrid. This was royalty reclaiming her command codes. Code Breaker!

Just like that Princess Aines banished the Batlantis fleet back through their gate.

Urrggh. Generic villain has to claim this battle is just for getting the next phase of experiments started. It's still not clear why the Batlanteans are so deferential to Nayuta and why some of them tolerate her independent agenda of playing the Lemurians (Earthlings) against Batlantis.

I suppose that's for the next phase of the story too, when we find out how Aines (Aine) came over here and why Nayuta left.

It's all a setup for the continuation where we get to see more (heh) of Aine's little sister.

She called out for Princess Aines Sinclavia, but what's her name?

Maybe it's just me, but that "to be continued" sign at the end looked more like a threat than a promise.

If I have the timeline right, when Kizuna got sent to the Ataraxia mega-float in the first episode, it had been six months since the Batlanteans had chased the Japanese into the ocean. Supposedly, the survivors in Tokyo had been living a delusion from Zelshione's technology helped by Nayuta's holograms to live as energy sources for Batlantis. They were freed at the end of this episode, but what did they eat during all this time? I can't imagine the Batlanteans pretending to be cooks and grocery store clerks just to feed their cattle. Whatever. It's over.


It's the last episode of broadcast nudity. You better get ready.

Kizuna got Aine's motor revving for all the NSFW stuff.

Whoops. Maybe too ready. Her trigger for recharging and getting to Climax Hybrid: exhibitionism.

I had thought her trigger was being called cute, but it turns out it was getting all messy in public places.

She was molested in a park, had an encounter in a lab and got naked in a classroom during the cultural festival. Maybe it was that excitement of being discovered all along.

That's right, Aine. It's time for your boyfriend to be playfully cruel by making you engage in haitenai.

What's she getting nervous for? Was she aware she was always flashing her panties when she wrote on the chalkboard?

Maybe she was, maybe she was...

Well, that charged Aine up quite a bit, but she needed to get to full capacity before she could access her Immoral Weapon.

No time to go to the toilet, Aine has to finish getting charged up first. And if a small classroom worked that great, why not a whole auditorium?

This McFluffer. Always thinking.

Well, that worked. The problem was always going to be Aine's issue with seeing her memories conflict with her current personality.

Oh. I guess she didn't make it to the bathroom in time either.

It all ended well, even if she didn't break through her fears at this point. Funnily enough, if Zelshione had not put her into a dream state to incapacitate her, Aine probably would not have reawakened her Code Breaker weapon.

There were some NSFW moments during the actual plot of the show. I do appreciate the consistency with which Masou Gakuen always threw in that extra spice of ecchi.

Being naked in your own consciousness is fine too.

And that's the end! There's more source material and the show ended with a "to be continued" instead of a "thanks for watching," so I wouldn't be surprised if we another installment pretty soon. If there's broadcast nudity at that time, I'll watch more episodes. Eros!

Final Thoughts.

Honestly, if there wasn't broadcast nudity, I wouldn't have watched this show. It was the generic techno-magical combat ecchi harem show, complete with alien invaders, humans appropriating the alien technology leading to unintended consequences, and even a character that could lead to a reconciliation of sorts between the two opposing forces. Add in a shouty main character with a generic mad scientist who only cares about "experiments" and my groan factor kept growing throughout the season.

However, there were a couple of novel devices in this show that kept things slightly interesting besides the well drawn beautiful girls. First, the sexy situations did not happen by accident. Most of these combat shows have the groping and what-not happen because the somebody trips or slips. Right. Like incredibly athletic people with amazing coordination are going to be doing all that falling. Not this show. It was made part of the plot! Similar to Shinmai Maou no Testament. The tactical Love Room drop was the culmination of this idea. Kudos!

Second, even if the McFluffer was a shouty fighter, he was actually a smart guy. We saw him use his analytical mind to figure out the most effective ways and scenarios to get his girls recharged. The best scene to show this was the episode of the cultural festival where he presented his "findings" to the dudes in school. Big ups to that man!

Some many call the sexiness as recharging tool pandering, but I saw it as integrity. You know why you watch a show like this. The producers know why you watch a show like this. So how about we just make that an important element of the show. No need to have increasingly contrived scenarios just to have the main character's face land in a lady's crotch.

Those are the good points of the show, but they do not lift it above its clichéd premise and mediocre execution. The rendering quality took a precipitous drop in the final third of the season, with the characters' faces barely recognizable. Thankfully, the "quality" was always reserved for the "action" scenes, but its always jarring to see and pushes a viewer out of the experience.

Would I recommend this show? It's a yes and no with a past tense and a present tense. Because it was the rare show with actual broadcast nudity and sensual content, I would recommend those who like the ecchi shows to have started watching it this season. But I would not recommend it to see as a DVD series. If you're going to buy porn, just buy porn. I'm mildly curious to see if they fix all the art production issues for the bluray disks, but not that curious.

My final thought on this series is that it was better than most, but its inconsistent art quality and generic premise made it rather forgettable. I won't forget that nickname I gave the main character: McFluffer. MC for Main Character, Fluffer for the porno shoot aide giving the oral sex before the cameras start recording. I'm rather proud of that coinage.

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