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10 Second Anime - Masou Gakuen HxH - Episode 8

Scarlet and Yurishia need to reconcile to enable a new Hybrid power to defeat Grabel on Okinawa.

Episode 8 - "- CONNECTIVE HYBRID -"


There's one thing that this show is starting to rely on for exposition and it shows some real shortcomings from either the source material or the adaptation. Instead of just standing around looking at high tech power point presentations, we could actually experience these events.

The beginning of the episode used this for a double exposition dump to explain what happened since last week, what they're doing now (invading Okinawa to close an Entrance before taking back Japan) and how a new Hybrid power works.

Connective Hybrid uses the power of friendship and harem dynamics to... look, it's 3-way sex, or sexualness, or whatever the kids are doing without actually using their interlocking parts with each other.

There are two girls who don't like that idea.

I'm sure Hayuru objects to the "depravity" of the situation and maybe Aine doesn't like sharing her man. Or maybe Aine is ashamed that she doesn't have a friend to try this with Kizuna. Anyway, those two are right out and good job for the McFluffer to notice. He suggests using Yurishia and Scarlet.

I actually got a kick out of this concept of Connective Hybrid. It's basically a way to reference the Good Harem End we see in eroge (erotic games).

But first, the Love Room needed to get an upgrade too! Mobile Hybrid Special Bath Mk. 2!

I think the Mark 2 part was just adding all the audio visual equipment so Kizuna could get Yurishia and Scarlet to reconcile over what was a misunderstanding during a mishap.

It was easy to get the three kids into Heart Hybrid mode before they started Phase 2 to fill up with sexual friendship power. Spoiler alert, it worked.

The girls got slightly different suits and new Immoral Weapons.

Instead of cat ears, it looks like Yurishia is getting attachments that look like dog ears.

Scarlet got more missiles.

I noticed on the Power Point slides that Grabel is spelled "Gravel." This changes everything! No, no it doesn't. The Japanese phonetic spelling is the same for either, but at least Gravel is an actual English word. But it doesn't matter. Yurishia is supposed to be an American name for crying out loud. All the other American girls got American sounding names but Ms. Farandole. Her family heritage must be French...

I also like those hieroglyphic inspired patterns. I'm getting a Star Gate vibe to who these aliens are.

Anyway, it turns out the enemies have a Climax Hybrid version of their weapons and suits too. Grabel went from Gun Sword to Sword Gatling. Looks about right.

Even better, her upgraded suit means even less clothing. Even though I was quite happy that the episode spent half its time in Special Bath Mk. 2, I would have liked to have seen more of Grabel's suit.

Grabel went toe-to-toe with Yurishia, but needed to get bailed out by Aldea.

The bigger revelation was how easily Kizuna was able to call upon the weapons of the systems he had already Climaxed or Connected with. He used a combination of Kuros and Ares (Yurishia's and Scarlet's Hybrids), to stalemate Grabel.

That's right. She got beat by a man!

Lucky for Grabel and Aldea, they were able to warp through their Entrance before the rest of Japan's forces closed it. Big Victory!

In the end, this Connective Hybrid is just too perverted for Hayuru. She'll just have to rely on Climax Hybrid and tail plugs... Nope, not perverted at all. Just lewd. There's a difference!

Aine's backstory got a total tease during the battle too. She was just about to learn why the other side was interested in a girl with silver hair, red eyes and Zeros power when, boom! Yurishia and Scarlet interrupted this very interesting conversation. Nooooo!


Are you ready for 3-way sexy time?

Yurishia wants to make sure Scarlet gets ready.

Because Kizuna's "dragon" got ready for NSFW action, you better too!

The "action" scene was broken up into three parts and pretty much took up the entire episode.

First, the girls needed to active Heart mode. That was done with the matching white bikinis Yurishia and Scarlet chose last episode.

A little mutual rub-a-dub-dub, three horny teenagers in a tub action broke through Scarlet's inhibitions quickly.

Her Ares power is pink.

We already knew Yurishia's Kuros power is yellow.

And then, phase 2, naked slide show edition.

This was the second place the Power Point presentation proved tedious. Thankfully, having naked bodies to look at kept my eyeballs plastered to the screen.

Also, it's 2016. There are no more monitors using interlaced scans. Japan needs to stop showing those lines on TV screens already. Kids today don't know what they are.

Kizuna was fully in control of the flow here. He appears to be gaining in confidence with leading his teammates and ordering girls around in intimate situations. This matches how he acted in the flash forward with Hayuru in the first episode.

In terms of plot, as opposed to PLOT, the misunderstanding that Yurishia used her team as fodder was unjustified because 1) she made the rest of the team attack the Entrance because their weapons would have caused too much collateral damage over an urban center and 2) she had no idea the enemy was actually going to come through there, much less a dragon-mecha no one had ever seen before.

I actually enjoyed the metaphor of being naked as baring all and increasing intimacy as if this were a group therapy session. It was necessary anyway, since Connective Hybrid relies on friendship in the harem mode way to work, so Kizuna had to make sure these two were good friends again.

And then, phase 3! Yurishia actually said, "Now, let's attack Kizuna together." Heh.

I enjoyed how the video of the battle with the dragon-mecha played in the background as a concurrent metaphor. I'm sure Kizuna's "dragon" got lots of battle damage.

Scarlet liked sucking on Kizuna's fingers, but I was a bit disappointed we didn't get a call back to her crotch being sensitive to hot breath. Maybe next time...

The girls established their Kizuna territories quickly too. Scarlet was happy with just Kizuna's hand while Yurishia got the center and head. Good friends like to share and also don't get in each other's way.

Well, at least we could tell Scarlet was sensitive to wet fingers.

Um, it's pretty obvious what Yurishia is doing here...

I'm starting to feel a little sad for Kizuna. These girls can obviously orgasm from foreplay and heavy petting, but what kind of "release" is the McFluffer getting out of it? Fluffers only do the stimulating in the industry but don't get any in return, so it's looking like my nickname is still accurate.

The girls got fully charged with Connective Hybrid power, so they needed their mutual, ah, connection to complete their activation of their supplementary gear and Kizuna's access to their weapons too.

And here we had the full on reference to the Good Harem End. Choose the right path and everybody stays friends (and you get extra sexy time). Choose the wrong path and you may get a sexy scene, but then get knifed in the back. Bad Harem End.

Kizuna chose correctly. No need to choose when you can have both!

I'm sure Yurishia and Scarlet are much better friends after their time spent in Mobile Special Bath Mk. 2.

Next time, it looks like we'll have a breather episode. Harem dynamics will go haywire during a school festival and the loli Silvia might show her precociousness in getting some points against the other girls.

I hope we get to see more of Grabel's other suit, although I won't be hold my breath.

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