Sunday, June 12, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Pan de Peace! - Episode 11 - Yuu Minami Underwater Shock

Yuu was just getting used to being underwater when suddenly a wild Minami appeared.

Mai wanted to go to the pool too, but she was worried about her secret. She needed to calm down by eating bread.

It's the public pool! And the girls are all in body-appropriate swimsuit styles. Noa's the same age, but she doesn't look like a teenager, so...

Fuyumi demonstrated the importance of stretching legs before entering the pool.

Mai saw her chance to take a lot of pictures of Noa.

Mai just can't get over how cute Noa looks learning to swim.

Fuyumi gathered quite the collection of lolis.

Fuyumi put her rivalry with Mai on hold to comfort her. Aw, they're all good friends now.

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