Monday, June 13, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Bakuon!! - Episode 11 - Bike Club Shock

The Bike Club Girls felt a massive surge of energy when Chisame asked which motorcycle she should get.

It was Chisame's turn for the eye catch, but it looks like the show ran out of bikes to place her in front of.

It's near the end of the season, so I guess it was time to check in with the cyclist tribe that spurred Hane into joining the motorcycle crew.

Those guys are still riding the fake brands from Yowamushi Pedal. Giant and Scott are there, along with this Campognolo drive train sparking gear change.

Mr. Hyakuman (百万 - One Million) tells you how much he spent on the Pinarello with the deep dish wheels that Naruko rode in the Yowamushi Pedal movie. That's about $10,000 (American dollars).

The double red light launch. I admit it. I do this... when it's safe.

What the hell was Hyakuman looking at? No way he could miss that big car in his lane.

Awkward silence on the train.

Good thing there were other girls from their school on the same car, or Onsa and Rin might have missed their stop.

Rin needed to make sure her drool didn't actually make Onsa sick.

Onsa looks pretty sick, Rin...

You know Rin only comforted Onsa because she ended up liking Suzuki. Also, I expect tons of yuri doujins for the next couple of years.

Aw. Onsa got cured and Rin doesn't have a Suzuki buddy anymore.

Chisame did pick out her bike. It's a souped up scooter, but it will easily keep pace with the other girls' bikes. It was her moto racing father's scooter, naturally.