Friday, May 20, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Anne Happy - Episode 7 - Cartoon Violence

I just love the cloud of cartoon violence when somebody is getting manhandled. Hibari's version of the Hanako hair bun turned out cute, so I don't know why she resisted so much.

We don't get many scenes for Kodaira-sensei, so I savor the ones we do see.

You know something is important when a character whose eyes are always closed opens them up. I suppose this scene was only 50% important...

Come on, Hibari. Don't make excuses for liking cute dresses.

Hanako's mother has placed cushions in strategic places. Still, Hanako actually using them is jarring to see.

Hibari in a Hanako hair bun! Kawaii~!

Botan was a big fan of the hair bun.

No cartoon violence to loosen Botan's braids. She probably would have ended up in the emergency room otherwise.

Aw. Hanako doesn't have very long hair, so spunky twin tails was the only other look she could manage.

Hibari is loose braids? Very nice!

Botan in Hanako's hair bun? Also very nice.

Hibiki will cut you! Er... Will cut up her avant-garde teru teru bouzu.

Botan's "art" supplies are just her special bandages from her big first aid kit.

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