Sunday, April 03, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Macross Delta - Episode 1 - Mikumo Deculture

Mikumo, the leader of the Walkure, just had to be the one responsible for the Deculture reference.

Freyja is funny and expressive. I like her.

Freyja also has a big appetite.

Oh, they're trying to make Makina the size queen of the idol group, but I saw what Mikumo was bouncing around too.

Masher! I'm talking about Freyja mashing Hayate's face in, not the mistaken attempted sexual assault that Freyja thought was happening.

So cute! And so reminiscent of Ranka from Macross Frontier.

Oh, it's on! Mikumo took off her glasses!

The Walkure idols, Mikumo, Reina, Kaname and Makina (clockwise), better have their own magical girl transformation scenes! It feels like a natural evolution to the singing idols from Macross Frontier.

Almost all the footage in the premiere was in the New Year's Eve special, but it ended before Hayate got into a VF and gave us the iconic scene every Macross show gives us: singing girl in the hand!

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