Thursday, March 24, 2016

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 454

Itachi Shippuuden continues. Itachi feels conflicted about how the village and his father show pride in his sharingan. A training mission with Shisui influences Itachi to join ANBU.

Episode 454 - "Itachi's Story: Light and Darkness - Shisui's Request"


These Uchiha sure do love touching each others' heads. Itachi pokes Sasuke's forehead and Shisui picked up the habit of swatting Itachi's ponytail upward. By the time Itachi joins ANBU, it's even something Itachi does to himself when he thinks of Shisui.

The first scene where Itachi had trouble accepting his father's and the clan's praise for awakening his sharingan was probably the pivotal moment when Itachi began to place the village and the relationships he formed within it above the Uchiha's regard. Personal bonds forged through time and shared experience began to mean more than blood bonds.

Shisui was no slouch either. Only a few years older than Itachi, he was already a jounin while Itachi had been a genin for several years. Obviously, Itachi went through the chuunin and jounin selections before becoming a member of ANBU.

Even back then, Danzo's Root was at odds with the official ANBU under the Hokage.

Sasuke wasn't the only Pouty McPoutface in the family!

I much prefer Itachi's pout. Much less emo than Sasuke's and even has an air of good humor about it. Of course, I'm just reading in Itachi's personality into it, but man, those are some round cheeks!

Shisui had some good advice for Itachi the genius in trying to understand non-geniuses' perspectives. Thinking everything was a decoy almost made Itachi outsmart himself.

Next time, the season finale ends with Itachi's last ANBU mission to exterminate the Uchiha. All the things we've seen before will have a little bit deeper impact with Itachi's personal context thrown in.

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