Friday, February 26, 2016

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi - Episode 7

The summer festival lets Hotaru make some fun memories while Saya and Kokonotsu make their own special ones.

Episode 7 - "Summer Festival and Hotaru and..."

"Summer Festival and Saya and..."


It's time for the summer festival, which means the Shikada Snack Store has to run their food stall. A candy store cooks stuff? Traditionally, yes, but You has been too lazy to make their monjayaki every day like they're supposed to. This is all news to Kokonotsu.

While Hotaru had her usual outrageous excitement at her very first summer festival, the core of the episode was Saya having a "date" with Kokonotsu as they walked through the food and game stalls. We've seen before that Saya has had feelings for Kokonotsu for a long time now, but the little touches of past memories and how they repeat themselves made for a mix of nostalgia and syrupy young love. It was definitely a Saya vehicle and she carried it well.

And So.

Let's talk about that episode!

Hotaru Hijinks.

Tou had a great line about Hotaru that targeted Kokonotsu's obvious fascination towards Hotaru. She's actually pretty cute when she's not talking! So harsh! So true! Most of the time Hotaru goes for that crazed sexy look, so for her to act almost normal while scratching out a festival game was a nice change-up.

Yes, Hotaru receiving a large bill of cash from an older man did look kind of sketchy in an adult-themed manner.

The old chiseler knew he was beat.

I was as suspicious of Hotaru's plan to get money from a festival game as Kokonotsu, considering how badly she lost all the lottery candy prizes. But this festival game was one of skill, and she practiced, while never having been to a summer festival before... What kind of sad, lonely life is Hotaru living away from this little village? 

Tamai, You's Drinking Buddy.

It's nice to be from a village where everyone knows your name and friendships are built around annual rituals. Like complaining that the candy store is making monjayaki like the okonomiyaki store. And threatening not to supply the okonomiyaki store with Baby Star Ramen as a topping if he can't make monjayaki. And then they make up and go drinking. Every year.

I want to see more of this Tamai lady!

Tou Rises.

Sometimes a hero's superpowers awaken after a traumatic event. Like Tou losing all his money scraping out stencils and then while receiving free food and wanting to help out in gratitude, he realized his super talent for frying up monja.

It was a nice moment for the two most unabashedly masculine characters in the show to work side by side.

Saya Kawaii.

Saya has taken a backseat to the new girl Hotaru for most of the summer vacation when it comes to Kokonotsu's face time, but a summer festival when she can wear her yukata gives the childhood friend a ton of bonus points.

Kokonotsu's father knew what was up and gave Saya a great opening to spend time with his clueless son. I think he had two motivations. First, any interest from a girl towards his son is something a father should be proud of. And second, he's seen these two grow up together and everyone, except Kokonotsu, knows how Saya feels about him. Saya needs whatever help she can get with the dense or, at the very least, immature Kokonotsu.

Of course, Saya is a little immature too, since she can't be open about her feelings. That's just good comedy fodder in using a common personality trait.

Festival Date!

I can't say too much about the fluffy feelings watching teenagers just have fun spending time with each other. Saya said it herself that she might get too happy. Good for her.

The touching moment, which really showed how much Saya has been carrying a torch for Kokonotsu, was the goldfish game. That big fat goldfish in the coffee shop was the one Kokonotsu gave her years ago! Look how old and big and healthy it still is. Saya would be sure to treat Kokonotsu the same way if they ended up together.

Also, I found it interesting that Kokonotsu actually didn't win either of those fish. He played the conventional useless character who tries really hard and somehow things work out after he fails. I'd rather see a main character a little more competent than that, but scooping goldfish isn't his strength anyway. His deal is selling candy and probably turning his artistic talent toward marketing.

Such a nice night for making memories, but not a lot of outrageous humor. The writers can do heartwarming too.

I just have to add that I dig these chibi versions of the girls during the omake and preview. Those nendoroids are going to sell like crazy.

Next time, we might get some drama. A beachside village is going to get hit by a summer typhoon at some point, so I expect we'll see a little character development on Hotaru's side. Unless there's some candy named typhoon, then all bets are off.

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