Friday, January 08, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Working!!! - Episode 14 [END] - Yamada kyun

Even Yamada's maiden heart can go pitter-patter.

Yamada is resolved! To help out! Somehow...

Souta Onii-chan accepted her feelings. After she wore him down, of course.

Kozue is accustomed to falling down. Drunk, that is.

Hoh. Drunken boxing gave the Inami school of fighting a difficult time.

Maya, the normal one, obsesses abnormally over doing things the normal way.

Poplar still had a chance to pout over being called the Chi-chai Chief (chiclet-sized Chief) before the special finale ended. Moh!

Goodbye Poplar. You were always tall enough when it mattered. Like being able to hang a group portrait on the wall.

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