Thursday, January 07, 2016

10 Second Anime - Locodol - Episode 14

Christmas Special. Nanako spends a special Christmas eve with her friends and presents Yukari with a special birthday gift.

Episode 14 - "We Tried Celebrating Together"


It may have been over a year since last we saw the Local Idol unit of Nakaregawa, but the prologue let us know that we haven't missed anything and we were quickly sucked back into the adorable humor and pacing.

"Nakaregawa Girls, desu!" Yes, yes you are. Christmas version 1.0!

Even Uogokoro-kun was dressed up. I doubt this new look counts as Mark 4.

"Nanyako" still has plenty of fans and I thought she looked great in that Christmas Tree costume. Look! The star on the headband lights up! But Nanako wanted to be a Santa.

Yukari's Santa outfit suited her very well.

Nanako thought that even a reindeer suit would have been better than a tree. I don't know about that...

And suddenly I had comparisons of Love Live in my head.

Ha! Uogokoro-kun's costume trick still works!

I'm sure that was just juice or apple cider in there. Cheers! Kanpai!

And here we have our relevant cultural tidbit. Kentucky Fried Chicken is an accepted traditional Japanese meal for Christmas Eve. Seriously!

I just want to point out that not only does the Uogokoro-kun plushie wear a reindeer outfit, but so does the fish on his back.

Original Uogokoro-kun is mighty fine too.

So many Uogokoro-kun straps hanging on those reindeer antlers. Nanako stressed that she bought those mascot goods with her own money. They weren't just freebies from the city.

The eye catch showed Yukari going overboard with the knitting. Such a hipster...

We had several scenes of the family and friends of our four main girls celebrating Christmas Eve, but I was most interested in Saori's "date." What's her story? Is she a former cosplay model for Saori's hobby? How does she not have a romantic date for Christmas Eve? Or is she already on her romantic date? So many questions!

The gruff confectioner showed his holiday spirit with Uogokoro-kun Christmas Tree ornaments.

Aww. Nanako's friends got her a Santa outfit. Very nice. Very cute.

The small bit of drama (every comedy needs some drama) was that Christmas Day is Yukari's birthday, but the rest of the Locodol unit didn't tell Nanako because she can't keep a secret, otherwise she would have ruined the surprise staff birthday party. This left Nanako scrambling for a birthday gift, but her usual bad luck presented itself when she was encouraged to surprise Yukari after midnight.

Nanako was a bad Santa Claus. She brought the wrong gift. Yukari wasn't home. She forgot her cellphone. She didn't bring a coat. However, everything worked out and Yukari got the best present ever - her new friend came to spend Christmas Eve and her birthday with her. Yay! And awww.

In the morning, Nanako's friends came over with all of Nanako's missing items and Mirai and Yui came by too to celebrate Yukari's birthday. This is what Nanako probably should have done instead of getting rushed into something. A fine time was had by all.

It was a great special. The writing was the same. The characters' relationships deepened a little bit, but all the same dynamics were there. Just visiting this cute-girls-do-cute-things anime again was enjoyable. I miss them already.

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