Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Nisekoi S2 - OAD 1 - Tsugumi Say Ahn

Lovey-dovey couples have to feed each other, right? Especially newlyweds Tsugumi and Raku on their first wedding anniversary!

Psych! These newlywed scenes were just dreams. Marika had a nice one with sextuplet Raku's running around.

Oh ho! Tsugumi calling Raku "Darling" and Raku calling Tsugumi "Honey" was too cute.

Getting compliments on your cooking from your husband is every new wife's dream. I guess it means more coming from Raku who always was the better cook.

Okay, it's Tsugumi's turn to say "Ahn." Kyaa! It's still embarrassing.

Please. I don't want to see any terrible photoshops messing with this adorable scene.

Raku better not play that game after dinner, if you know what I mean...

Knowing how little alcohol it takes to get Tsugumi going, Raku is in for a nice evening.

See? Already started.


Looks like Tsugumi just remembered to give Raku his appetizer.

Another tasty treat? Of course. What could be sweeter than their "Welcome Home" kiss?

Tsugumi did not like that dream at all. Except, we all know she enjoyed herself.

Chitoge had one of those dreams too, but she stayed looking like a dog the same way she was in all the other girls' dreams. She just hopes Raku likes dogs too...

Last time in Magical Patissiere Kosaki-chan, Rurin didn't change into her human form. Duly corrected here.

Ruri knows all of Maiko's weaknesses. Especially the ones that hurt.

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