Friday, January 22, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - GATE - Episode 15 - Itami Chugs Beer

Itami felt the stress from impersonating Tuka's father. My question: if he can scrounge up elf clothing, why hasn't Tuka yet?

We've been waiting a long time to focus the story on Tuka. She got all emotional about finally getting screen time.

"Why is it always Itami?" asks every other Japanese soldier.

Yes, Very cute helmet. Well, Tuku is cute, not the helmet.

We'll finally get to see Tuka show off her archery skills too.

All the head pats in the world won't make up for Itami leaving Tuka behind.

Rory smells action. She wants in.

Rory's a biter. She bites.

Right. This is also part of making that contract for Itami's soul.

I like how Itami doesn't even blush anymore with Rory crawling all over him.

We may also get some good scenes with Yao too. I want to see more of her outfit. Or is that less of it...

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