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10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi - Episode 3

Hotaru shows Kokonotsu and Tou how to beat the heat by eating hot snacks. Saya enjoys girl-talk with Hotaru.

Episode 3 - "Butamen and Kurukurubo Jelly and..."

"Botan Rice Candy and Seven Neon and..."


It looks the staff finally finished up all the animation for the opening and ending credits.

Hotaru is always ready to fly towards candy.

I really liked the whole Through The Looking Glass theme for how crazy Hotaru is about candy. Also, I want to see more of Hotaru in a Cheshire Cat Suit, but dancing in bunny ears is okay too.

And So!

Let's talk about that episode.

Hotaru is Hot! Hot! Hot!

The whole first part of the episode was pretty much Tou reminding Kokonotsu that Hotaru is a very attractive young lady.

The Japanese like to think that eating or drinking hot things is supposed to make you feel cooler when it's hot, but it doesn't really.

Hotaru wants to extol the virtues of hot snacks. Cup ramen marketed to children understandably has cartoony logos and mascots.

Tou knows what's important, though. Having seen Hotaru in most of her glory already, he needed Kokonotsu to appreciate that enduring the heat was going to lead the ultimate reward. Sexy slurping! Sweaty clothes!

Hotaru's objective was to inspire Kokonotsu to want to sell the instant ramen, but he ended up showing his own skills as a practical snack store owner.

Hotaru's hot demonstration put on a show for hot snacks and hot girls, but Kokonotsu was concerned about a broken air conditioner not keeping the shop cold enough for the candies on display. Oh yeah, Hotaru totally knew about that part...

Well, they certainly couldn't stay in that hot shop any longer. Pool time! Oh, but Hotaru had a notion.

Pool Episode!

My body wasn't ready.

Actually, my body was ready... Things didn't turn out exactly like Tou was hoping for when he tried to convince Kokonotsu to join him at the beach. But age appropriate swimwear for the girls was refreshing, considering how much Hotaru flaunts her body in her frilly shirt and long black skirt.

Of course, the boys were expecting something outrageous from Hotaru.

Well, she tried to be modest, but her figure doesn't really help her out there.

Oh, hey. Remember she's in cahoots with Kokonotsu's dad to make Kokonotsu take over the shop? Dramatic Plot during Pool Time!

Yeah, no eating or drinking around the pool, so that operation failed. I really wonder about the Shikada father here. He was able to quickly take on the lifeguard duties and pass it off as a part time job, but that's not where he was when he got the call from Hotaru to put their discover-candy-in-the-pool-while-thinking-about-poor-dad plan in action.

Also, if that pool was that empty on a hot day like that, where was everybody? Are they the only kids in town during their summer vacation?

Hotaru Likes to Watch

Other people eating candy, that is. This was some fun candy culture to learn about.

Everyday she does this... Reminds me of Kramer from the Seinfeld Show.

Everything is an opportunity for this girl. I like that. Hotaru went from quick disappointment that Kokonotsu wasn't there to deciding to get in good with the peripherals.

Ha! She learned her "perfect" answer for liking everything about candy was exactly the same as Tou's answer that there wasn't anything he liked about candy. Having no preferences means having no preferences.

And then, Tou flipped one of Hotaru's switches: eating candy properly!

I've experienced this. If you don't eat a lot of candy, how are you supposed to know what to do with the wrappers? Especially in Asian countries where edible rice paper is a thing, how would you know unless you accidentally ate the wrapping or had one of your buddies or family show you? Of course, Hotaru accepting the challenge of showing Tou the wonders of edible paper mastication means whatever happened next was going to be outrageous.

That was outrageous! Hotaru kicks high. Make a note of that, Kokonotsu-kun.

I don't know why, but I found this little scene really funny.

It was like she has to stand in the center of the shop to talk, because she's a BIG DEAL, but then she knows she has to get out of the way for people to come in and do work. It tickled me.

Kokonotsu was pretty smart to use that little thing to get her out of the way and go bother Saya. Time for Girl Talk!

Girls Talk... About Candy

Haha! Nope, Hotaru wasn't asking Saya about Kokonotsu because she likes him or she wondered if Saya liked him, but because she's never seen Saya eat candy!

And she really wanted to see Saya eat candy. Really, really, a lot.

Saya was just like her twin brother in not being accustomed to eating to candy, but at least she figured it out on her own.

Again, I found it interesting to see how other cultures deal with saving candy for later. In America, we're used to LifeSavers, which have the same kind of idea as this Seven Neon candy, but they're already chopped up into individual bite sizes. Japan lets you do your own thing, but you got to get that wrapper all wet in your mouth first. Kids don't care about that, but adults might.

All in all, another crazy couple of days at the candy store. Summer vacation isn't going to last forever. Hotaru and Kokonotsu's sketchy dad better try some more successful ploys.

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