Saturday, January 09, 2016

10 Second Anime - Sushi Police - Episode 1 - Preview

The episodic short form anime follows the adventures of the Sushi Police, enforcers of Edo Style sushi.

First Thoughts.

Oh my! What if you took Sam and Max Save the World from Telltale Games but made the main characters go after crimes against sushi? You get Sushi Police! The CGI animation even fits the style of the Freelance Police. So many Japanese cultural references were jammed into 3 minutes, I could barely keep up. Soy sauce fueled robot. Flying sushi boat for headquarters. Unraveled fundoshi used as a parachute. Wasabi filled ammunition. Gah! It was great! Each epilogue features a fun fact about sushi too. I have no plans to review this weekly, but I will make a note to binge on all the episodes near the end of the Winter season.

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