Wednesday, December 23, 2015

10 Second Anime - Valkyrie Drive Mermaid - Episode 11

Mirei confronts her past when she sees Momoka again. Mamori is the secret organization's target. Mirei aims to rescue her.

Episode 11 - "Soldier Arm"


This is the episode where Mirei's backstory came to light, at least as far as the organization who made the Soldier Arms was concerned. Apparently, she was involved in only one battle before realizing she couldn't be an active combatant. She was supposed to be disposed of, but a kindly scientist smuggled her out and Mirei started a normal life somewhere else. That was, until she rescued another girl with her Arm Virus powers and was sent to Mermaid Island like we saw in the first episode.

Momoka's code name is A3. Mirei's was C7. Another Soldier was D5. Do those first letters refer to their bust sizes?

Lady Lady confirmed they were on the island voluntarily. Maybe Torino's situation was similar.

Charlotte learned where she actually placed in the new hierarchy.

Lady Lady and Mamori being "examined" by the Soldiers provided the nudity this episode, but it wasn't anything we hadn't seen before.

Why did Momoka put Mamori in a wedding dress, in the chapel again too, just to rip it off? How many wedding dresses does the Fäste place have anyway?

When Mirei stormed the castle, and Charlotte partnered up with the fat Soldier, it finally felt like a video game.

Lady Lady had their own gattai form.

We just had to spice up the tension a little bit with Momoka wanting to keep Mamori's Valkyrie Effect for herself. Apparently, if that effect is too high, the Arm Virus will actually leave the human host. Momoka wants out of the organization because of the extra experimentation she had to go through when Mirei left. It's never fun when a crazy girl holds grudges.

Aw. Mamori's little kitty hairpin turned black and sad in her coerced sword form.

Next time, probably the season finale. Expect the review a little bit late because of the holiday season. I have a feeling the power of love is going to save the day.

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